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Apply to Service on a Commission or Board

The City of Circle Pines City Council is looking for applicants for commission and advisory board positions. Volunteers play an important role in providing democratic government for Circle Pines. Serving on a commission or board is an excellent way to share citizen input and put individuals’ talents to use. The following positions are due for appointment in January: One position on the Utilities Commission, two for the Planning Commission and two for the Park Board.

Applications are available at city hall or can be found as a link below. Applications must be received by January 3, 2018.

Utilities Commission
The Centennial Utilities Commission is in charge of the operation of city utilities. The Utilities Commission is given jurisdiction over natural gas, the sewer system, water system and storm water system. The Utilities Commission operates under specific statutory authority and City Code. The Utilities Commission is an independent commission having responsibility for its own actions. The Commission typically meets once a month and will consider issues such as rate increases, gas purchasing policies, general operating policies, financial statements and bills. The position is a three-year term and the Utilities Commission typically meets at 4 p.m. the third Wednesday of the month.

Park Board
The Circle Pines Park Board is in charge of the operation of city parks. The Park Board is given jurisdiction over the operation of city parks by City Code. Funding for the Park Board’s operation is from the city’s general fund, and the parks’ budget is set annually by the City Council. The Park Board operates independently having responsibility for its own operation. The Park Board considers issues such as location of sport fields, priority for installation of equipment, as well as the general operating policies of the city park system. Members are also charged with doing the long-range planning for future park development. The position is a three-year term and the Park Board typically meets the first Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m.

Planning Commission
The Planning Commission is an advisory body to the City Council. It is in charge of taking actions to promote the health and general welfare of the residents. The Planning Commission meets to hear conditional use permits, variances, review site plans and review comprehensive plan amendments. The position is a four-year term and the Planning Commission typically meets at 7 p.m. the first Monday after the second Tuesday of each month.

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